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Established in 2006, VoiceTalent.cn is a multi-service supplier of voice-over, translation, desktop publishing, multimedia production, software and website localization. We have served over 200 satisfied Fortune 500 customers. With in-house design and development capabilities, we differentiate from common agencies as a one-stop provider and partner for companies looking to impress and prosper in Asia markets.

  • Multi-media localization

    Voicetalent.cn provides the localization service of video, multi-media commentary and all types of courseware, like PowerPoint, SCROM files etc. Our service mode contains dubbing, bilingual/ monolingual subtitle, multi-media file translation etc.

  • Website localization

    As a feature and strength of Voicetalent.cn, website localization service is well supported by our network development & design team. We provide the translation of web text, management of interlinkage/ image/ animation, and the website construction/ maintenance.

  • Application localization

    If you expect the localization of mobile application, no matter it is based on iOS or Android, we are the just right choice who can help you to accelerate the speed of time-to-market.


Is it anachronistic to refer Modern Standard Chinese as “Mandarin”
Is it anachronistic to refer Modern Standard Chinese as "Mandarin"?
Yes, but the name in English has stuck. Mandarin is a literal transational of the old name for Mandarin (guan-hua) the language of the officials, which no one in China uses for the language. Also no one uses the term mandarin in Chinese, because it's not a Chinese term. It is Sanskrit->Hindi->Malay->Portugeuse->English. The odd thing about Mandarin is that you end up with different names in Chinese each with it's own political agenda. On the Mainland, Mandarin is known often called "hanyu...... "

24 01

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Is it anachronistic to refer Modern Standard Chinese as “Mandarin”
Mandarin voice over job - Coloplast
Doing voice over business is one of the best interesting job in the world. You could get to know different products in various industries. Sometimes it can inspire you, sometimes it can make you move. We just did a video syncing job for Coloplast, a vendor who develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. With its products, people could live with more dignity. see http://www.coloplast.com/... "

10 09

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