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The voiceover business supporting system


The voice talents come and go all the time so the voice over actor list always changes. In the past, we couldn't update these changes to our website in time when jobs came in line. That would cause clients couldn't find a proper voice over talent for their jobs. Recently, we are developing a voice business supporting system. It contains voice actor module, client module, task module and finance module. With these modules, we can: 1. link the voice over talents database to our website. Once there's any update, it will be updated on the website in the same time. So, please check our website from time to time to check new actors. You just need to remember their ID. The ID will not be changed forever. Let us know the IDs, we will know who they are. We also prioritized the voice actors. The one on the top is the one with fast turnaround, good attitude, easygoing actors. 2. Every client and contact will be input to system along with the invoice information. For companies without specific requirements, the system will send invoice automatically on monthly base. For companies with specific requirements, the system will remind us to issue invoice or submit invoice in vendor portal in time. We believe we can do better with this supporting system.