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The tips you need to know when localizing a video to Chinese


When more and more clients want to enter Chinese market, the needs for localizing their marketing material are also increasing. Video localization as one of the key elements was done by production companies mostly. However, most of the production companies are not very familiar with that. Here, I have some tips for you. 1. Speed of Chinese Depends on the content, the speaking speed could be from 4.0 to 6.0 Chinese characters per second. Commonly, you could take 5.0 characters per second as a normal speed(not slow but also not so fast). If the English version was slow, you may also need to use a slower speed for Chinese version. 2. Character counting With a proper speed, you may count the words for each paragraph. For instance, if one paragraph in English version last 10 seconds, the Chinese script should be 50 Chinese characters. Now you can have a word count for each of your paragraph. You may ask your translation to comply with it. 3. transcript Do not split the script to lines or even phrases to sync to video by yourself. English and Chinese are different in grammar. Some parts of sentence at the beginning in English version will need to be put to the end in Chinese version. If you split the whole sentence to several lines or phrases, the translator will have issue on managing the sequence. Furthermore, the voice over actor will feel bad when reading this kind of scattered script. Therefore, paragraphs or full sentences should be the unit of translation. The word counts after translating from English to Chinese could vary from 1.5 times to 2.2 times. 4. story board If the video was produced by you originally, you may need to notice that it would be better if you can leave a couple of seconds pause between each sentence or paragraphs. Don't make the sentences crowed together. With these pauses, you will have some buffer when Chinese translation were too long. 5. Chinese voice over Make sure which market client want to enter then you will know what accent do you need. Chinese Mandarin? Chinese Cantonese? or Taiwan Mandarin? or Taiwanese? Use a team like us, you will save your time and efforts on that. Contact me if you have further questions.