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Be careful of the new studio and your habits


One of my friend, famous Mandarin voice actor, language artists Li Yi died of illness in Beijing, died at the age of 50 years old in July. His death has result from leukemia. He had dubbed "Around the World in 80 Days","Yuanmingyuan", "Rediscovering the Yangtze River"and other feature films. I talked to other of his friends after his death. We thought there might be several reasons caused his leukemia: 1. Because he was famous, most of the studios he went to were big and "new". These new studios were constructed with "industry materials" which contains more pollution than materials for house construction. The recording rooms were well set up for sound proofing. which means even air couldn't enter in or go out of the room. Therefore, he would stay there for hours with the heavy polluted air. 2. He like to work in the night. He once told me that his efficiency in the night could reach the highest level so he always recorded during the late night. As everyone knows, this is not good for people's health. So, my friends, if you have the same issues, you may need to take care of yourself for that.