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DIY portable recording booth by Zhenyu Tan


Sometimes I need to travel around for business but I still need to provide recording service to my client. It's very easy to bring your microphone and sound interface with you. It's easy to find a well-sealed and quiet hotel. However, everyone of us would have headache on dealing with the reverberation. I've made a rough recording booth with some wood sticks in 2010, when I went to a relative's home to spend Spring Festival. Though it was ugly, the sound quality was quite good. After that, I had been thinking of how to build a similar one with metal sticks which could be easily assembled and dissembled. This year, I have to move to another city for a long time. This pushed me to solve this problem. I found some parts in online store. Eventually, I got something shining. You just need to cover the framework with thick carpets or quilts. Check below: portable recording booth